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Thank You!

Thank you for your business!! 

A portion of all purchases are donated to "HEMP the Homeless" a non-profit organization where we donate Forbidden Leaf hemp seed oil skin care products to the homeless. 

Disease and illness run rampant in the streets with dry skin conditions being one of the major health issues found amongst the homeless in the streets.

We also educate on the benefits of "cold pressed" hemp seed oil for nutrition (brain, skin and heart health) and also for healing topically for severe dry skin disorders such as psoriasis or dry cracked heels, lips and elbows. We also remind about the importance of washing your hands to help prevent the spreading of germs and disease!

Dry skin disorders, dry, cracked lips and heels from constant exposure to the elements and lack of hydration are common ailments amongst the homeless.  

The essential oils and scents that I use in my products are carefully crafted to enhance positive mood through our olfactory sense, we help to heal & lift spirits in the streets with one soap, lotion, beauty oil & lip balm at a time.

I'm very compassionate about sharing the healing benefits of "cold pressed" hemp seed oil because I know how it is to suffer from psoriasis, I developed this skin disorder at age 8 and suffered terribly with it for years until I discovered "cold pressed" hemp seed oil in 2004 - which I attribute to clearing up my skin "back to healthy" for the first time in my life, psoriasis has remained in remission since then.